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October 22, 2010

As The Yahoo – Bing Ad Platforms combine there is reasonable concern from some marketers and advertisers that rely on 1 or both of these for some of their efforts. Luckily the transition seems to be going rather smoothly. If you haven’t spoken with someone from Yahoo, I would suggest it. Yahoo will be handling your billing and Microsoft will be hosting the dashboard.

Billing is a top priority! If you have a line of credit with either, or deferred payments of some sort you’ll want to make sure that will carry over. SEM publishers put out lots of money and don’t see it all back overnight. Losing a line of credit  or having to pay up front could severely cripple your budget so make sure you’ve secured your finances. Not to mention that if your budget runs out your ads will stop running.

Lastly I have included 2 articles that should answer any questions about the merger and give you more insight to the billing matter.

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