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February 10, 2011

It’s Feb. now, a great time to look at your goals for 2011 and how well you are doing at working towards them as the first month’s numbers get crunched.

This article from PPC hero hit on a few good points but one in particular rings true with me. “Cut Out The Junk” and “Exercise (Judgement) Regularly
Every month I comb through anything that made a profit of $5 or less (including those that lost $$) and make a decision on the ads fate. Sometimes it leads to writing new ad copy, other times it means cutting a program.

A good idea for programs you find are on the borderline is to set some type of alarm/reminder to check back in after 10-15 days. Re-evaluate the program at this point and make  a decision on cutting or fixing the ad.

Check out the full article from PPC hero below:

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