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April 13, 2011

When I saw this article the other day: I had to laugh.

Having been a victim to this trap in the past, I learned the hard way that its not always a great idea to allow you ads to show up all over the place. Impressions are great if you have a client that is concerned about branding and visibility. But for most of us its the conversion we’re looking for. It’s pretty simple; better traffic tends to come from better search engines. Not always, but generally this is the case.

We noticed a few months after the msn/yahoo merger that some programs we were getting a lot of conversion from were spending a lot more/getting a lot more clicks when compared to the 2 engines running separately. Since the merger effectively took away our ability to simply turn off yahoo or msn search results I took a dive into campaign setting to see what our options were. They are as follows:

Pretty self explanatory. Since we can no longer choose Bing or Yahoo to fly solo, we cut out the search partners on some… it helped get our stats back to normal and cut out a bit of the junk clicks we were getting.

If you have good tracking I would suggest diving into this setting and checking out your sub id’s. You may find the search partners work for certain programs (we did!) you may also find the opposite in that you get too many clicks on the main search pages and want to scale back to just the partner pages. Of course, most of our programs remain on the “all” setting. Use your judgment and don’t be afraid to test, test, test!

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