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April 8, 2011

I know tons of marketers do it, but I never seem to have much success with the content network in google. It has yielded me some good results in the past but for the most part it seems to be a lot of trial and error that is not consistent from month to month.
It’s a [...]

April 7, 2011

As someone that really likes using Bing and AdCenter I have to agree that they are not the leader in technology, innovation or most noticibly market share

April 6, 2011

Especialy with the new change to the way our text ads can be displayed it was very important that the Ad preview tool in AdWords was updated.
For more information on the changes to display url’s:
For more information on the Ad preview tool head over to Jumpfly:

April 5, 2011

you can now apparently post or browse for jobs in the affiliate marketing industry through the Affiliate-Summit’s website

April 4, 2011

RE-targeting is a hot topic among educated consumers, savvy internet users, Conspiracy theorists and those in the industry. The issues mainly stem from privacy concerns