Through Research and Development, The Smartest Search has built and utilized many tools to improve performance. The Crew is always pulling the best available software programs as well as creating and improving their own tools. Advanced tools and Superior Knowledge of the marketplace give clients a distinct advantage over their competition.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is the fastest growing marketing sector. The Smartest Search has a proven track record in using the medium to create business for its clients, and generate revenues you might have thought impossible. Our long-researched techniques optimize spend to increase Return on Investment.

Market Research

Know what to expect from your investment. The Smartest Search will give you the facts and tools you need to keep on top of your competition. Top of the line, cutting edge tools developed with the client in mind allow ease of information gathering and implementation of strategies.

Affiliate Numbers

Independently built tracking system to quickly aggregate stats from all your networks. iPhone app coming soon.

Search Monitor

Advanced tracking system provides fraud protection and detailed user information of your sites traffic.


Advanced Analytics on all things search. Traffic, Referrals, comparisons to competitors and so much more.